Monday, August 31, 2009

House Renovations

Here is an update on what I have been up to in the world of painting. I have not actually finished one whole room yet!!!

The house is half painted everywhere, the garden is half finished everywhere and the mess is still half there, actually it is probably more there than not there. So I am very frustrated right now!

I decided once I had had enough of the painting to create a new project that I will be selling on etsy. This is sooooooo.... useful. A nappy pouch. Great for carrying wipes, nappies and a change of clothes. All of which I have found VERY important over the last two years. Who knew baby food does that!

The outside of the pouch.

Lots of pockets for ointments, wipes, in a special pocket so you dont need to take them in and out, up to 3 large nappies and around 4-6 of the newborn size from memory, and still room for a change mat and a spare onesie.
It is quite compact too so you can fit it in a bag or on the pram. I hardly take a nappy bag anymore as everything I need fits in here and I can chuck it in my backpack if I want or hang it over the handle of the pram.
It took me ages to work it all out but now I am pretty happy with it all. This one is made from denim and a gorgeous brown patterned fabric.
Apart from working this pattern out I have been getting ready to deliver new stock to one of the shops I am supplying and having a special display in another so lots of things on at the moment, besides the neverending painting.
I am off now to have a go at getting some baby boots made tonight.
Night all

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