Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catching Up

Well, I have to blog I am told. I havent had any time to blog because we are getting our house ready to sell and have been painting every spare minute with builders and painters everywhere. This morning I got woken up to a plumber knocking on the door to install a new toilet. I was fast asleep so a little unimpressed but it all looks good now.

A few weeks ago we started with the backyard. It was mud pit because the older boys have scuffed all the grass off with the footy and games they play, so we have dug it up and put a little garden in. I dont have a photo of the finished product yet but here is one of some of the boys taking a break

The little one is Sam and he is eating a chocolate biscuit after all his hard work.

I have one of the actual garden but I am in it and it isnt that elegant so maybe I will take another. It is all coming along nicely and we had a great day today getting lots achieved. The boys were up on the roof cleaning and Sam even helped by washing down the verandah.

Wasnt it a great day outside this afternoon. We finished off a hard days work with a lovely BBQ for dinner cooked by the eldest two members of our household. Isn't it nice not to cook!

Its my new plan now that the kids all pair up and take turns on the weekend to cook dinner Saturday and Sunday, it worked so well.

Well another update hopefully in a few days with photos I promise. I have to do some crafting now as I am working in one of the craft shops I supply tomorrow and have no stock to take with me. If you are around check out Hidden Talent in the little country town of Yarra Glen, Melbourne. It is a lovely Sunday drive only around 30 minutes from Ringwood which is east of the city. I am on duty all day so let me know if you pop in.

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