Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fathers Day

Well its Fathers Day for us here in NZ. Our daughter, on her way to work early this morning, came into give her Dad, who was still snoring soundly, a gift, before she left for work. It was quite funny watching him trying to unwrap the present and open the envelope, with copious amounts of cellotape in place, while still half sleeping - but a nice thought.

Today means he will do whatever he wants to and we will have a nice dinner later on with my Dad as well. Meanwhile I however have a huge list of got to get it done today items to keep me busy! If I can achieve that list I will be sooooo happy!

I found this feature called linkwithin which you may have noticed already on the site. However I also found out that if you don't have a picture in a blogpost and it picks that one to display then it just gives you a grey box or worse - just hyperlinked words - therefore including pics from now on with everything is one of my missions. Also managed to play around yesterday and link a facebook - Become a Fan box to this site - so if you want to become a fan we would love to have you! I am still building up the Kazzalblue facebook page so take a look from time to time and spot the changes.

Thats about it for now - except .... is anyone else getting worried that Christmas is approaching fast and furiously and time is running out for making stock? Got to be focussed!! Double focussed!!

Ok going now - would love to hear how you all cope with the christmas rush - Please leave a comment.


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