Thursday, September 17, 2009

Post Time! Yippee!

Yeah! I finally got the parcel I have been working on finished, packed up and posted! Its a good feeling! I am really bad about making a whole lot of stuff for one place and then using it all up somewhere else before I get it posted away. This box took me about 2 months because I had to keep replacing items in it. Anyway it has gone and I am onto the next now, which I will endeavour to get away a lot quicker!

I never thought about taking a pic of all my creations - too focussed on shutting the lid I think!

I thought I would go shopping this weekend in an effort to tame the mess that I call a sewing room. Some nice big plastic boxes ought to do the trick. If I succeed I will be able to show you all a pic of the room. Not that its a mark on any of the other studios and craft rooms I see on blogs. I'll give it a go tho!

Til then happy crafting.