Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Preparing for the New Year - 2010

If you are anything like me then you are already thinking ahead and making lists in your head of what you have done and what could be done better next year. I love this time of year because I am a list maker. There are some very important rules you should follow if you are a list maker and I am going to share mine with you.

1. Always have a very special journal to record in
2. Use a special pen that makes your writing even neater than usual
3. Write down all the things you want to achieve so you can cross them off when you do
4. Add a couple of items to your list you can cross off straight away - its a great feeling!
5. When you cross items off your list use a different colour so it stands out and you can be proud of your achievements.
6. Update your list every day
7. At the end of the week transfer all the things that have not been crossed out during the week to a new list and start over

I usually have a couple of different lists going at the same time - one for work, one for daily stuff and one for Kazzalblue. I am watching the talent on Felt .....Like Something Different for my new diary this year. Here are a few of the journals and notebooks I think would make a great diary.

I especially love the leather bound journals and the Lil Golden Book one. I think I could write great lists in those. Well I am off to think about my plans for 2010. I always try to come up with one for personal, sporting, professional, relationship and social resolution. Sometimes it takes a bit longer than a year to get there but I get there in the end.

By the way - What do you think? Twenty Ten or Two thousand and ten?

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