Wednesday, December 16, 2009

School's Out!

Yippee! School is out for the hoildays and I have almost 7 weeks to rejuvenate and reorganise myself back to some semblance of sanity!!! A well earnt break if I do say so myself.

To Do List
1. A relaxing massage tomorrow morning.
2. Christmas checklists to write
3. Parcel wrapping - enlisting teenage daughter for help
4. Sewing of essential sold out items for shops
5. Whatever takes my fancy!

It is sooooo nice to think I don't have to be anywhere or do anything unless I want to for at least the next 3 of those 7 weeks. Then I can saunter into work and mess around achieving little and then going home early for the next 3 weeks after that. Lots of sewing and stocking of shops so when the summer holidays come to an end I am ready and stock is packed away to be delivered.

Nice thought.....I wonder if I will really be that organised???


quilting Jeannet said...

Seven hole weaks ! You are very lucky Joy, here is is almost two weaks for mij son ( after that, my holliday started.....)

greetings, Jeanet

jazzalblue said...

These are our big summer holidays Jeannet. After them the new school year begins Feb 2nd. In winter we only get 2 weeks like you. But I am looking forward to catching up on everything.

quilting Jeannet said...

Okay ! now I know what you means !

greetings Jeannet