Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Etsy Morning Tea in Hastings, NZ

I can't believe that the year is going so fast! It seems like only yesterday I was still on holiday enjoying the time at home and trying (I say so with my fingers crossed behind my back) to stockpile items for our Etsy Shop.

Well now we are 2 weeks shy of the end of the first term and I have not once blogged. Lucky for sisters who have!! Although I have heard all about it almost every day for the last few weeks!

Can't wait for the next set of hols to catch up with myself again!

I have been busy getting ready for winter stock in the few minutes I have each night to relax. Orders are still coming in which is great considering the current state of the economy. At least I don't feel completely overwhelmed by it all!

I thought knitting a few pairs of winter woolies would help make the evenings, so that what I did. I am now thinking a fun winter project would be this cute little jumper I found a picture for.

I had a lovely morning last Sunday when a group of ladies who all have Etsy shops and live in the same area as me got together to meet and talk about all things Etsy as well as a few other topics. It was really neat to meet everyone and we plan to meet once a month. We might even do a road trip to the Craft2.0 Market in Wellington in a few months. Its nice when you can surround yourself with like minded people.

If you still haven't entered the Sandi Henderson fabric giveaway on Fabrics4u2 then click on the link and join up as a fan. Its that easy. There are instructions in the last blog on how to enter as well.


Kazzalblue is nearly at 200 sales on Etsy so please go to our shop and take a look and share it with friends. We would love it if you retweet about us too! We will have another giveaway when we get there too.

Nice to chat again. See you sooner rather than later next time

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Mel @ Wildflower said...

Was great to finally meet you Joy, and to see one of your creations up close - those pirate finger puppets are just too cute!