Sunday, March 14, 2010

PIn Cushion Swap

Isn't this a great idea. Thanks to Kate from Fox Lane who is co-ordinating the whole event. And looking at the number of comments so far it is a popular idea!

There are so many ideas for pincushion out there on the net. You just have to type 'pincushion' into the google search bar and thousands of ideas pop up. I thought I would just add a few photos of the ones I would love to own, for inspiration.

This one looks very useful because you cold store bits and piecs in the bottom of it, under the lid.
And I love the colour.

This giant pincushion is made by Paper-and-String and sold in her online shop. I think it is awesome

I thought this one was nifty. I'm not really into themes but the sewing machine looked great and I really like wool at the moment.

I enjoy felt as well as there are so many things you can do with it like this colourful pincushion

There are even tutorials for pincushions like this fab tote and pincushion which hangs over the arm of the chair. Very handy - I know because I have one.

I've never thought of crocheting a pincushion before - probably because I can't crochet - but here are a few examples.

So loads to think about as now I have to decide what kind of pincushion to make for my swap partner. If you want to sign up you only have until tomorrow morning (Monday) to do so. The link is on the righthand sidebar at the top of the page.

What do you think makes for a good pin cushion? Leave a comment


Trudi - Me and Ewe said...

Thanks for some ideas - I have signed up for the swap but haven't started yet.

jazzalblue said...

You're welcome. I haven't started yet either. There are too many possibilities for me to choose one. This is only my second ever swap so I'm still getting used to it. Joy

K-J said...

Just received my pin cushions! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM, thank you so much!!! One very happy swapper here!