Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This has to be the quickest blog in my blogging history!

This has to be the quickest blog in my blogging history! I have soooo many things to do I have lost count! Maybe I should make a list

1. Out of the 9 baby boot orders I got only 5 of them have been finished and posted The rest will happen tonight! (I am thinking positively)
2. More finger puppets on order to glue, package and post. (i've given myself til Friday with this one)
3. Sales from our supplies shop going strong! It is time for a restock! So I have orders to put in.
4. Online shops to restock as well
5. The day job - 7.30am meeting tomorrow - which often can turn into a night job too in teaching
6. I better put family on the list too or I may forget them in my whirlwind efforts
7. Felt Showcase due tomorrow but only half done
8. New fabrics4u2 fabric shop to promote and stock
9. Pincushion swap - nearly forgot that one...need ideas!

My sister, who lives in Brisbane now - where she moved over Christmas from Melbourne - is coming to stay for a few weeks. Yah! We can do craft together ..... you can imagine my husband and daughter are sooo looking forward to that! Not! They haven't caught the bug even tho they have been subjected over the last 20 years to all my 'hobbies'.

So loads to do and orders to make! Busy busy as usual! Bye for now. Joy


Mel @ Wildflower said...

Oh can soooo relate - but just think how great it's going to feel when you're all caught up! Hope you have time to squeeze the Etsy HB meeting in this Sunday?

jazzalblue said...

Hi Mel, Yes it always feels great when I sit back and think about how much I have achieved. Especially when looking at a pile of parcels to post or a new set of stock for sale. I will definitely be at the etsy meet up this weekend. Shame it wasn't next weekend - my sister arrives this week!