Thursday, April 15, 2010

Freebie Fun!

I had a lovely day yesterday! I woke up to find that the freebie I won on paper-and-string had arrived. I hadn't expected it so soon but there it was! You can tell I had waited in anticipation because I took photos of the package at each step in unwrapping it.

I love the purple postal bags and the green tissue with the designer label on it.

The whole thing was wrapped in bubble wrap with a special thank you card

and inside that was a glossy white cardboard box wrapped with a pretty coral pink polka dot ribbon.

Once inside I discovered the egg cosies I had won. And I was really pleased that I got the ones I wanted with the ribbon on them.

Thank you . I love them!


softearthart said...

I love opening things too, you are never quite sure exactly what you are going to get. cheers Marie

Mel @ Wildflower said...

Beautiful - lucky you! Isn't it wonderful that they didn't compromise on the lovely wrapping and little touches with it being a freebie? Those sorts of little things are the things that keep you coming back :)