Sunday, May 23, 2010

Planning Has Begun!

Yesterday I went to the monthly Hawkes Bay Etsy group meeting. This is a place where about 10 of the most creative women I know get together. We are in the throws of fulfiling a mission to promote New Zealand Handmade to the rest of the world! It is all very exciting and very motivating to spend time with others who have the same goals!

In the diary so far is a trip to Wellington's Craft 2.0 in June to see what the market is like,

a blog which should be up and running just before the middle of June and of course the normal facebook pages and twitter accounts that go hand in hand with promoting oneself to the world!

Stay tuned for more in early June!


1 comment:

softearthart said...

It is real cool to be part of this exciting new group, cheers Marie