Monday, May 3, 2010

Road Trip

Road Trip up North


I am back from NZ, home in the sun on the Gold Coast. It is nice to be home after spending over a month away from my family. It was also nice to catch up with my sister and her family and for once it wasnt a rush here rush there catch up as there was heaps of time.

While I was in NZ it was a great chance for us both to go on a road trip to see all our stockists and see how things were going. Its always nice to catch up and see what stock is going well and what is past its time. We stayed away for a few days and on the way home from up North took in some sightseeing in Rotorua. The Rotorua Museum is a great place to visit. I love the old history of the bath house and blue pools.

We also found time to call on a new stockist which was really good because I am usually not around to do that in NZ. My job is usually the Australian side of the Tasman.

In the end it was well worth while so keep an eye out for the Kazzalblue brand.

During the rest of my visit I got the chance to meet all the lovely ladies from the Hawkes Bay Etsy team. Keep an eye out for updates on this team as Joy is a member and they have some great things planned to increase the profile of "handmade" in the Hawkes Bay. It was great to catch up for morning tea with them all and get to see a sample of all the gorgeous things they all make. They are all so clever.

Since I have arrived home I have had to do the worst part of my trip. UNPACK. I brought a few little tiny things, really.... and now I have to find a home for them all. I actually had to move my sewing room around to fit them in but I am getting there.

To finish I thought I might just put up this photo of our baby boots. My next project.

Have a great day!



softearthart said...

So glad you had a fun time in NZ, it was nice to met you,love the booties, cheers Marie

kazzalblue said...

Thanks Marie. It was nice to be there and meet some fellow crafters too.