Monday, June 14, 2010

Melbourne Stockists

I have just got back from a flying visit down to Melbourne to check out the shops and restock. I haven't had a chance to get down there lately and although it was only 2 days I did get the chance to visit a few friends at the same time.

Kazzalblue have stock in a lovely Art Gallery in Yarra Glen called Hidden Talent. They stock a variety of items from local artists and creaters. It is a lovely place to go for a drive and stop for a coffee and a wander.

We also have stock in a craft gallery in Ringwood. A wealth of talented people are represented at the store and it has turned into a real craft community.

The hard part with these trips is preparing the stock. I have piles in my workroom where I have half finished things but then moved on to something else and not quite finished anything. When it comes time to send stock off I have to quickly focus on the small piles and finish things off based on priority. Some things inevitably do not get finished and may not be finished even for the next trip in July.

I have had a week off and today for the first time today since I got back thought I might venture into the workroom to see what piles I had left. I have quite a few! and so I am off back to work now to make a new half finished pile.

Have a great week everyone

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softearthart said...

It must be lovely to visit places where your craft work sells and re stock, a crafters dream. cheers Marie