Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are There Any Boys Out There?

I was sitting back - relaxing in front of the computer thinking about the orders I had just finished when it struck me. Everything I have done recently has been either pink or purple! Are there any boys out there? You must need winter woollies too!?

Here is a cute pink cardy I just finished for a friend with a wee baby

And here is a cute little hat, scarf and boots set I knitted as an order. Isn't the scarf just adorable!

And the boots are soooo cuddly

And these were the last 2 pairs of cosy baby boots I knitted - both with purple trims.

So you see I think I need some blue or red or green orders now please ;)



softearthart said...

What lovely knitted items, cheers Marie

Mel @ Wildflower said...

You certainly have been 'pinked out' :) Lovely though. You'll get a run of all blue now!

jazzalblue said...

Thanks Marie and Mel. I did enjoy working with these items. First time I have ever made a scarf for an infant! Worked out well I thought too.

MooBeeTees said...

I sometimes wonder the same thing myself!! There must be a lot of unclothed boys out there!!

Mind you, your pink items are adorable :)

jazzalblue said...

Thanks MooBeeTees. Welcome to our blog!