Thursday, July 29, 2010

Big Plans for the Weekend

I am already organising my time for the weekend. You have probably all realised I am back at work as the regular posts came to a sudden halt (and Karen is hopeless at blogging!). So in order to be prepared and productive I have to plan ahead. Unfortunately we have had beautiful weather here in Hawke's Bay which is great for getting out in but terrible for staying in and getting lots done. And I have a new boss so have been staying at work longer!

This weekend my plan is to
1. Tidy my working space! Essential if I plan on doing anything else at all!
2. Finish the 5 toy dinosaurs which have lain on my work table since March
3. Attend the next coffee meeting of the New Zealand Handmade group - thats easy cos its at my place!
4. Glue finger puppets together - they are all sewn up and waiting!
5. Peruse some books for new ideas and maybe go to look in the library
6. List at least 5 new auctions in my online felt store
7. List at least 2 new auctions on my Etsy shop
8. Facebook a little! Instead of a lot!
9. Tweet a little!

I don't think I will fit anything else in so please wish me luck! I really want to have a busy weekend and cross everything off my list.

I may need some words of encouragement every now and then to keep me going - Like ....... "GET OFF THE COMPUTER JOY ..... AND GO SEW!"
I will appreciate the honesty! I promise! Lol!

Just thought I'd add a pic of these little reusable lunch packs. They have become very popular lately with schools doing their best to get rid of gladwrap. They are easily rinsed in fresh water and hung to dry ready for reusing the next day. they velcro right across the top so you can even put chippies and twisties and things like that into them. You can find them in my online shop here!


Mel @ Wildflower said...

Those reusable lunch bags are a brilliant idea. Will have to purchase a couple from you :)

Sleepandhersisters said...

I'm with Mel those reusable lunch bags look very handy indeed.

Pam said...

Wow what a busy bunny, I hope you managed to cross a few of those things off your list this weekend! Love the reusable lunch packs!

jazzalblue said...

Well just to update you. I crossed off everything .... except 2,5,7. Those dinosaurs will have to keep! Did manage to go to dinner and watch most of the rugby though. I gave up towards the end as it was a little too predictable an outcome for me:)