Friday, July 2, 2010

Whats In Your Sewing Room

What an interesting point to think about.
I have lots of goodies in my sewing room, all piled high on my table. Like these brand new baby boots that I have just finished and will be listing soon.
I also have new wallets being made for the upcoming stalls and shops that I need to restock. I forgot to take a photo of these but there are a pile of them. Infact 3 piles all in varying stages.

I also have fabulous baby singlets on the table. All made from 100% pure wool but some in marino which is so gorgeous and soft. They dont photograph too well as they are so soft they got a little squashed on my shelf but here is a pic of a lovely beige one and a pink one. One for a boy and one for a girl.

What else do I have. Well. I also have a stack of new fabrics I am getting listed over the next few days. This is a fat quarter set I made up from Robyn Pandolph fabric. Very classic range and they look so nice together.

and some of my new childrens fabrics just arrived by Riley Blake. These are too cool.

From a non craft point of view I have tax. TAX TAX TAX. I guess everyone has that due but isnt it a pain.

I am getting quite good at putting off the tax for the more interesting craft items I have to do but at some point it all has to be done.

I would love to know what everyone else has in their sewing rooms or on their to do list. Perhaps you will give me some ideas on how to start finishing a few things as my list seems to be endless.

Never mind. You know the best thing is that it can all wait now as we are off on holiday to Coloundra. See you next week.



jazzalblue said...

I love the new kids fabrics! And the Robyn Pandolph range works well together!

softearthart said...

Love those singlets, my lounge table is a bit messy this weekend, I have been painting box lids for when I will add my needle felted creations, must away and tidy. cheers Marie