Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Handmade Christmas!

I have decided better to post now than not at all even though it has taken me this long to get organised!

For Christmas 2010 I decided a Handmade Christmas was in order. We had about 60 people over for the day and that meant I had to be organised! And yes all related in some way or another!

I made table cloths and decorated the tree.

The Christmas swap I took part in at New Zealand Handmade made such a difference too! I received the beautiful decorations pictured here.

A Xmas wreath which I have only just taken down from Chavah at Creating My Reality

A Xmas Faerie from Karen at Artful Addiction

nd a beaded Xmas star from Paula at Sieraden Designs.

Here is what I swapped for

We all had a great day!

Joy :)


softearthart said...

Looks like you had a cool Christmas, with family and lots of handmade treasures, cheers Marie

Mel @ Wildflower said...

How lovely that you made your own tablecloths - it's the special, personal touches like that that really 'make' the occassion.