Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feeling Inspired?

Feeling inspired as I always do after a New Zealand Handmade strategy meeting I came straight home and started tidying up my work space. It has been so cluttered lately it is hard to get anything done!

Hubby found me a great storage unit he recycled from someone that was throwing it out and now I have been able to put away all the over flow from the shelves. Yeah! I might be able to find things again!

I have even cleared my cutting table which is just as well with orders to get out for Fabrics4u2 and Kazzalblue

Lets hope this is trend I will continue!. On the other hand while I haven't been sewing I have been exercising! Zumba is my fun at the moment! I haven't missed a class in 4 weeks. I might keep you posted on that one too!


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