Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kazzalblue Blog Has A Makeover

Hop on over to the Kazzalblue Baby and Children's Boutique Blog and let me know your opinion. I've been busy giving it a makeover to bring the appearance into line with the website, business cards and shop headers.

I reckon it has turned out pretty well but would love to hear what you think :)


new creationz said...

LOVE the look of your blog. Everything looks perfect!!


jazzalblue said...

Thanks Jocelyn :) Its really nice to have the feedback and know I am on the right track.

JacBer said...

Ooooo it's very cool and very fancy. Do you give lesons? :-)

jazzalblue said...

Oh thanks Gillian. I feel much better about the blog now I have had all your lovely comments :)

Pam said...

Looking Goood! :)