Sunday, August 9, 2015

My First Pieced Quilt

I've being pondering for a while about making another quilt. My first quilt I made was a sampler quilt and its now about 20 years old. But lately I've being seeing all the amazing work at some of the quilt shows and thought I'd like to give it another go......

So the first step was to enlist hubby..........because he is so much better at choosing colours than I am. Isn't that funny!! He reluctantly came with me to the fabric shop, only to find he was the only guy in a shop of about 20 women and we couldn't find anything we liked lol!

So after a lot more thinking and time spent on my pinterest account I decided to look in my stash and found the prettiest Robyn Pandolph (Somerset range I think) fabric which I decided to base my quilt around. I really wanted a vintage, sort of look for this quilt. The recipient - it's a surprise so I can't say who - loves to garden and these colours while being neutral and calming also have a pretty blush of pink (like petals) and greens (like leaves).

So now I have the fabrics chosen but am still without a pattern - probably entirely back to front to what I should be doing :)

I'd love to know what you think of our colour choices and I'll let hubby know if you agree or disagree with him ;) Also hit me with your ideas for pieced, quilt patterns! I'm thinking not too old fashioned but not too modern either. And this is only my second quilt in 20 years so it needs to be fairly simple to put together.

I hope you will join me on my quilting journey. You can follow it on instagram, pinterest and facebook :)

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