About Us

Many years ago our Mother instilled in us the virtue of handmade. Kazzalblue has evolved from that into an online boutique specialising in baby and children's wares.

The team at Kazzalblue are twin sisters - Joy (that's me) and Karen. I'm based in Victoria, Australia and Karen is in Queensland, Australia. It has always been our dream to turn Kazzalblue into a fulltime business and give up our day jobs, sharing in the experience together.

My sister and I have been handcrafting handmade items for just over 30 years and love the feedback we have had from people on our products.

We specialise in baby accessories including nappy / diaper pouches , baby boots, baby quilts, finger puppets, crayon wallets and just about anything else that takes our fancy.

We have established online shops on Felt...Like something different , Etsy and Madeit and are branching out into some brick and mortar stores this year. We hope you can come along and visit with us and bring your friends.

You can find us and updates on our endeavours on our blog - Crafty Business.

Hope to see you again.