Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lovelythings by Kazzalblue @ Taradale Craft Market

Wow. Am I duh or what! Here I am with a perfectly good blog and I haven't even thought - until now that is - of telling you that 'Lovelythings by Kazzalblue' is taking part in a Craft Market next weekend. It will be held at the Greenmeadows Hall on Tait Drive, Taradale, NZ. Now that is a little hard to find but google maps will help.

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This is a chance for crafters from Felt and Etsy to come together and sell their things while socialising at the same time.

I will be there from 9-2ish with a lot of the items we sell on Etsy and Felt with me, including crayon rolls, toddler slippers / boots, bags and finger puppets. Unfortunately Karen can't just fly over from Oz to help out so I will be flying solo at this one. Maybe one day when we make enough money we will be able to fly back and forth to do markets together. That is definitely a goal for us!

Anyway I hope to see you there. Please mention the blog if you have seen us on here. It is great to get feedback from people like that and makes it all worthwhile.

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Springtime said...

Hope to see you there