Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Been A While!

I know it has been ages since I have written. I feel a bit bad about that! On the other hand things for me and my sister have been very hectic both on the shop front and in other ways.

My very exciting piece of news was that my nephew was gong to be travelling to Melbourne on extremely short notice! That meant he would be able to catch up and stay with my son, Zac, who lives there and has been feeling a bit lonely of late. Of course it also meant he would be able to take presents, and that meant panic mode set in! I ONLY HAD 3 DAYS UNTIL HE WAS LEAVING!

I think I may have gone a bit over the top but never mind. Got it all done and he left yesterday with a larger bag than he had planned to take! Now I can get back to making things for NZ and trying to concentrate on my real job!

I have been spending a bit of time thinking about how to make our shops work better for us. Everyone else seems to be doing very well I might add. And I can't complain! Haven't a minute to rest on most days, with more orders arriving daily - but i would like to make the most of Etsy!

Also would love some more followers on this blog if we promise to keep it up to date! Might have a giveaway once in a while too, once I get it all sorted. If you would like to follow us here then we are happy to reciprocate the follow.

Will be back later! I have a pic to upload of some puppets I made for the New Zealand's Next Top Model TV show, of the judges. Colin ( one of the judges) was going to try using them on the "Big Night In' Telethon! I might be famous already :) lol.

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