Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I am sitting here wondering what to blog about when I turned around and saw my husband. He was busy in the kitchen .... again! I thought it only right that I devote a few words to him. I don't know if everyone has it this cruisy but I am quite lucky! He almost always ends up making dinner (and is once again) and almost always listens to me drone on and on about the day's events, at a job where he knows almost none of my co-workers.

He helps me with the little tasks of winding shoe laces for my boots - with lots of verbal objection - cos blokes don't do that sort of thing! And lets me pile my wool up in the corner of the lounge - even though I have a whole sewing room to myself!

I am now trying to train our teenage daughter to ask him ALL the hard questions instead of texting me in the middle of the day!

Life would be fab if I could only convince him to move to Australia! But that is an ongoing saga and a story for another day.

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