Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lazy Saturday Looking in the Garden

I thought I would show you around some of my garden. The sun has been out and things are actually starting to grow. I love this time of year. It is very inspiring and I don't feel as sleepy as normal.

Here are some of the characters who inhabit my garden.

A little one eyed frog - much loved!

The only type of snail I like in my garden - a gift to scare of the little ones!

Her ladyship!

And here are a few of the flowers I am quite proud of...

I would love to grow these in my garden but these ones are from Spotlight.

This is the garden we have just planted.....ooops...I mean my hubby just planted... out the front of the house so it is brand new! nI love the happy faces on the pansies!

Now he has done the garden he is vacuuming my car for me and washing it - as all good husbands should!

............ and I am here blogging! Catch you later!

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