Friday, October 9, 2009

Craft Room Update

Well it has been a bit of a whirlwind and I have only just got back to update you all on the progress of my craft room. My birthday celebrations seem to have lasted almost an entire week, which is staggering given that I wasn't going to have a party at all! I have had visitors, 2 dinners, loads of outings with friends and beautiful gifts. Now I need to stay home and recover!

So here are the shelves my husband had built for me. I almost forgot to take a pic in my excitement to load them up! I couldn't bring myself to turn around and take one of the rest of the room because it was so bad. Actually I couldn't get into the room anyway!

I had to show my family the shelves when they all came for tea (there were 33 people here - all parents, brothers, sisters, partners, nieces and nephews - we have a big family) but I could only take a few at a time and I couldn't fit in the room with them!

Today I am going to take more pics of the finished room to show you next time I get a chance to write. And I am going to finish some orders that need posting as well!

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