Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update on Craft Room Reno

Well I finally have a chance to update you on my renovation going on in my craft room. I am going to show you the before pics because I thought we better start at the beginning.

This is my sewing table which is happily messy. I was actually making bags at the time. You can see them drapped over the machine on the right. Please don't judge me. I know it is a mess and have put up with it for 2 years.

This was my mother's chair and it has always been kept clear of the clutter. A peaceful place to sit and mull over what to do next (sometimes you have to keep your eyes shut though).

It is just a storage problem which I tried to solve using cardboard boxes. Only the amount of stuff grew and so did the number of boxes.

And the teenage children thinking they could add everything they didn't need anymore to the pile didn't help either.

So that is the sorry saga of my craft room. Often it looks better than this but when I start creating I tend to make a mess and then I have to clean it all up before I can do anything else.

But my darling husband has ordered me new shelves for my birthday and I am going to get rid of all the boxes and ALL the junk!!!

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