Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nothing to Do

I am facing the amazing prospect of having a whole weekend with nothing to do. Well, I mean nothing planned to do. I am sure I can fill the void with all sorts of things that arent planned though. Second master has gone off to camp for the weekend and the eldest thinks he is going to play xbox all Saturday. The littlest will have a big hopefully 3 to 4 hour sleep so I think I will sew and prepare for the markets I have coming up at the end of the month.

I would offer to help my husband tidying his shed, ready for the big move now we have sold the house, however I helped him last week and only got moaned at for calling all the things in the shed rubbish. (How was I to know it is a shed law that you must hold at least 2 of everything, but never know where they are when you need them) and never return anything purchased from Bunnings even if it isnt required). I think we could start a bunnings with all the things in that shed!

So that leaves me with spare time. Yippy!

My colouring wallets have been popular and I have great fun making them and as I have been showing off in my previous posts I have been experimenting with other projects lately to take to the markets. I think the recyclable sandwich bags are great too and I have to finish those and my dinosaur toys too, so lots to finish off. Perhaps I should have a finish day?

It is supposed to be around 31degrees on Sunday in sunny Melbourne. How are you going to spend this lovely weekend?

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