Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Reusable Snack Pouches and Sandwich Bags

Environmentally Friendly Reusable Sandwich Bags

I thought I just might pop up another couple of photos of the snack pouches I have finished and listed on Madeit. I had to make some for little girls, seeing as I only have boys in my family but have lots of very cute girl fabric. When the boys saw them though I had to make more boy ones so I used some great fabric that has soccer balls on it and world flags. Too cool for boys I think, even my 14 year old said it was cool.

What do you think??


Beky said...

They are great. Will you be selling them at the next Northside Makers Market, if so how much. My son LOVED the journal with the traffic signs on the front, so I am sure he will love these for his school lunch box.

The Emma Experience said...

They're fantastic. Great idea!

kazzalblue said...

Thanks guys. Yes I thought I might being them with me to the market Beky. I just got confirmation that I am in it too so I am just getting things ready. I am glad your son liked the journal.