Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Big Move

I have been too busy to blog lately and I am in trouble for not taking my turn.

Before Christmas we started the process of moving interstate from Melbourne, Victoria to Gold Coast, Queensland. Lots of reasons, the biggest being to grow the family forklift tyre business, not so big was to move to a warmer climate and be near family. After 10 years in Melbourne on our own with just us and the kids we now live right next door, yes I can count the metres, from my hubbys parents. 3 is the answer too, for the metres between their house and ours.
Sammy loves having grandparents right next door and at 2 is struggling as to know why Mum insists I cant go around to Nana's AGAIN!
IT has been nice though to have family next door and be able to pop in for a chat and a coffee. I am lucky that his mum likes craft and doesnt mind a spot of shopping either.

As to the warmer climate, we are certainly getting that. It has been really hot and for the first couple of weeks we were actually in a tent in the neighbours backyard. I couldnt do anything, it was so hot and Sammy was having afternoon sleeps in the tent too. It was a releif to get into the house for sure. Air conditioning yippy, but you wouldnt believe it, in all the weeks we spent in the tent we didnt get sick and now we are in the house we all have colds, in the middle of summer!

The business side is still in the setting up phase. We have a workshop now but no power as of the other day. We have tyres but no press which is still in a container on the water, delayed. Hubby is back and forward to Melbourne keeping an eye on things back there too. I feel like I am a lady of leisure looking after Sam on some days and doing a little sewing, a little work now and then. I am sure it will all end soon though so I have to make it count now.
Here is what I have been working on for the last few days. I like the colours I have chosen but sometimes my taste is not that great. If hubby is around I ask him what he thinks as he always chooses better combinations than I do. For these projects I actually bailed up the poor woman at spotlight for 30 minutes and got her advice. What do you think about my colour choices?

Animal print nappy pouch.

The inside. It acutally has little white stars on a really nice blue background.

The latest collection going online for sale. Actually the brown has sold already but I am making more.

Do you like the inside colours of these two?

I really liked both of these but my eldest came home and told me they were really really yuck and I would never find anyone to buy them. Talk about a confidence boost. Sooo... I am going to list them anyway and hope for the best or the next person I know to have a baby will be getting one for a gift.

My next project for tomorrow is to finish a raggy baby quilt like this one for an order.

I am making a matching cushion cover too and the quilt itself will be quite a bit bigger than this one was.
So busy busy busy.
Hope everyone has a great day!

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