Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sorting out my Sewing Room

Well in my last post I told you about our huge move over christmas from Melbourne to Gold Coast. Things are slowly settling down now. I have started unpacking boxes and going through things. Isnt that a horrible job. Our family has so much, I am sure it was all useful at some point but now it is all in boxes and it has to be sorted because it IS NOT coming back into our house unless it is a priceless treasure!

My sewing room has begun to take shape with a few book shelves added to hold all my things and a tidy up.

Everyone has started and settled into school and for the first time this week the baby didnt cry when he had to get in the car to go to daycare. He didnt even know he was going there but knew we were on the same road. Talk about a guilt trip. In fact today he went on and on about wanting to go to daycare even though it was mummys day!! I wont be able to get him out of the place next.

Work is slowly getting going and I have started a brand new business which I shall tell you about as soon as I have it all sorted out. I am very excited about it all though.

I also started a new exercise class which all good sewers with bad backs should do, Pilatees. How hard is that! the log!!!!! what a great tool for the first lesson. Does anyone know what I mean??? Last lesson it was the ring of fire!!! Another super tool for tightening muscles I was quite happy not knowing about. Not sure what it all has to do with my back, but it is a great way to spend an hour with all girls chatting away.

Off now. I will be back to update you soon though.

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