Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boys! Do you find them hard to buy for...?

I don't know why but boys are always harder to choose a gift for than a girl. So here are a few ideas I had for presents for boys. These are all available in my Felt....Like something Different shop!

Finger puppets definitely allow their more .... creative streak to show while a bag covered in Thomas Tank Engine, for younger boys, or soccer balls, for the older boys, is great for carrying around swimming and sports gear. Boys love to draw so a crayon or pencil wallet will keep them entertained on those trips in the car and if its a practical gift you want then these woollen boots are great - they really truly stay on!! Tested and proven on my own nephew who try as he might pulled and pulled and still could not get them off .... much to his obvious disgust!

There is lots more listed in store so do drop by! And please leave a comment here if you have some good idea for gifts for boys.

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Pam said...

What lovely gift ideas! I can vouch for the finger puppet!