Saturday, July 16, 2011

Catching Up :)

Wow - almost a whole month has passed since I last blogged. It has been unbelievably busy - what with work and keeping up with Kazzalblue orders. Winter can be a busy season on its own and then it suddenly turns into Christmas and you have to change your focus all of a sudden!

I am off to restock our NZ brick and mortar store in a few weeks and am trying to build up enough stock to take with me. But at the same time I have been busy with a very large order of toys. I had to work within a 2 week deadline and had a few very late (or early morning) nights. Amazing whats on tv after midnight! Anyway I hope to make my TV debut and may be allowed to tell you more about that at a later date - but not yet :(

I did manage to design a beanie to match the baby boots and will be putting this up on the website soonish :)

Now life has settled back to normal and I am on holiday for 2 weeks, I may be able to catch up on all that has been missed in the last few weeks. Starting with catching up on an U13 rugby game this morning. No hubby has fallen asleep again and I am contemplating a large pile of laundry versus grocery shopping.

Hope to be here a bit more often now:)

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softearthart said...

Great you have been busy Joy, cheers Marie