Sunday, November 22, 2009

Charity Walk for Child Cancer

I totally advise against ever walking 15km without training first. I heard about a great charity event called the Mega Walk and thought hey - A nice stroll on Sunday morning will be good for me. A group of us ventured out together but I could not keep up. Ended up with me on my own most of the time chasing the figures in the distance and suffering as silently as possible - HOWEVER!! I did finish and eventually caught up with my friend after jogging a bit and it is only now that I have stopped that my hips have completely seized into one position and I feel like the tin man from Wizard of OZ!

That's me on the right, and my obliging friend on the left!

Quite an accomplishment tho! Unfortunately my once nice, lovely, helpful husband thinks it is very funny and won't help me at all!

Yesterday before I put myself into this position I was very busy working on lots of things for the markets. I have a Christmas shop I am a part of with my sister, Karen, and drop of was yesterday so all the tagging and labelling had to be done and for the first time ever I got it all done on the first day!

Next weekend I will be at the Bayview Christmas Market so I hope to see lots of you there!

I have also been trying to get actual school work done. I am in the middle of writing end of year school reports - well nearly in the middle of it anyway! And I am rather proud of myself because I took this pic on my phone and I have actually managed to get it onto the computer!


quilting Jeannet said...

Hi Joy,
Nice to see your face! how you look, I am busy whit the swap.....

greetings, Jeannet

jazzalblue said...

Hi Jeannet,
I am busy with the swap too. I had just walked 15km before this picture was taken so thought I didn't look too exhausted!