Monday, November 16, 2009

Jean Shopping - YUCK !!!

Today was my first Monday not going to work in the city. I did have to go to work with hubby but I started as I told him I intend to continue and went shopping first. We have a family sitting on Wednesday for some photos and the whole family had to get new clothes to be a similar colour scheme. We opted for a white pastel kind of look with jeans. Given I am the only female I got to wear whatever I wanted and the boys are all wearing shirts.

Dont you hate shopping for jeans though. I really dont think I am an abnormally shaped size 12-14, but when I went to try on a very common type of jean, not mentioning any names, if the waist was the right size then the butt was too big and if the butt fitted then the waist didnt. I was starting to get a real complex so I called it a day and resigned myself to wearing the same old jeans I have been wearing for the past year. The day wasnt improved by the fact that in pulling on and off the pair of three quarter jeans I was wearing, the button broke so I ended up walking around Eastlands holding my pants up.

Anyway I was lucky enough to have another go this morning and I found a really great shop. I know you have all heard of Jag. Well I had, but had never shopped there. They have gorgeous tops for women and great jeans and they are really well priced. Everything fitted and I wasnt a funny bottom size and bigger or smaller top size. I have three very nice tops to choose from now and a nice pair of jeans so we will all be in new clothes for our photo, even the baby.

If they come out really nice, which I am sure they will, I am going to have the photos made into a book to be given to the parents and inlaws for Christmas gifts. I will put up a link for the photographer and show you the finished products when they come out next week.

Take care!

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