Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Party or Not!

My little baby is going to be 3 in just 4 weeks. I cant believe how time has flown by. I remember when he was just a tiny new baby only 4 pounds. Now he is tall and blond and gorgeous and nearly 3!

So I am in a predicament because I need to decide to party or not. It would be his first birthday party and for some reason all he can talk about is going to a party. I think there might be quite a few first parties for all the 3 year olds at daycare. He is rather excited so I think my choices of party might be limited to where should I have the party rather than should I have one.

I would like a homemade party. Perhaps at a playground. Maybe some homemade party bags. I wondered about having a go at some of these

They look like fun to make and maybe Sammy can help me out. I do need help though as I need more ideas of things to make. Have any of you ever had an at home party and made the prizes or madeup the games. If you have any ideas that would suit 3 years olds they will all be appreciated and I will take some photos and write up some details of the planning of the





Kelly said...

exciting! We had a big birthday at 1 and 2 years but he specifically asked to not have one for his 3rd birthday as he had been given too many presents for Xmas - the downside to having a birthday so close to Xmas I suppose

handmade party sounds great - there are so many different party ideas out there

Pam said...

I love the little windmills I'm sure you will have fun making those together! We always had simple at home parties for my kids when they were that age, games like pass the parcel(wrapped in newspaper)ring a ring a roses etc - all the old fashioned traditional English games, and they all loved it! You could make paper gift bags/boxes for a few little treats to take home like tiny homemade cookie shapes etc there are loads of tutorials online for different bags/boxes etc.
Have fun!

kazzalblue said...

Thankyou, what great ideas. I am going to spend the night looking into it as Sammy just goes on and on about a party. He even handed me a shovel of sand at the beach and sang me happy birthday. Isnt that cute!